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Acerca de TIENS

The TIENS Group Co. Ltd (hereby shortened as TIENS Group) was founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China and began its foray into the international markets in 1997. Today TIENS Group has become a multinational conglomerate, boasting of robust assets in trading, finance and property. TIENS Group today covers a diversified range of businesses including biotechnology, health management, hotel and tourism industry, education and training, e-commerce, financial investment and real estate. With its business spanning over 190 countries, TIENS Group has set up branches in 110 countries & regions, establishing strategic alliances with top-rank enterprises in various countries. By combining the 5000-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of health & vitality, which emphasizes the unique characteristics of “cleansing, replenishing, strengthening and balancing”, with advanced, modern technologies, TIENS has developed its exclusive health support system characterized by “Body Maintenance, Beauty Preservation and Enhancing the Environment”. TIENS advocates new and better ways of building and maintaining health, specifically through merging knowledge and practice with innovations to develop a variety of products such as TIENS health food, TIENS health care appliances, Time Shadow skincare applications and DICHO household products, which are continuously creating a high quality, green and healthy life for more than 30 million families around the world.

The TIENS International Health Industrial Park, built with an investment of more than seven billion Chinese renminbi and covering an area of one square kilometer, not only houses its internationally-acclaimed R&D & QC centres as well as the ultra-modern manufacturing and warehousing facilities, it also has the state-certified Tai Ji Sun Hospital with its International Health Management Centre and the grand All-legend hotels with its massive conference centres. Backed by the TIENS International University, this allows TIENS to create synergies between Health Innovation, Logistics Transformation, Technology Advancement and Educational Options, enabling TIENS to lead and dominate the Global Health Industry.

Over the years, TIENS has been advocating love and community service, devoting its efforts in charity, education, environmental protection and other public service programs. Guided by its compassionate health concept of “harmony, unity and prosperity”, TIENS constantly promotes blissful co-existence between individuals, society and nature. Through instituting various plans and programs beneficial to public interests, TIENS has been able to make positive contributions to the society, dedicated to building a caring community and protecting the environment. To-date, TIENS has made donations of more than 1.5 billion Chinese renminbi worldwide in its efforts to spread and create love all around.

With a professional management team in place, both locally and overseas, TIENS is moving steadily to achieve its strategic goals. In addition, the TIENS Group has an outstanding team of international talents committed to learning excellence, innovation and decorum, with over 35% of the team holding a master's degree or higher.

Combining such theories as "Replacement & Renewal" and "Consumerism and Wealth Creation " with the philosophy of a "Meticulous, Business-oriented Management and Service", TIENS has established a well-regulated operations and management organization that will spearhead an industrial revolution which is ideally poised to promote China’s national development initiatives with full confidence.


Mission Statement: To provide global consumers with top quality products and opportunities of education & business, improve their quality of life, and create a harmonious society.

TIENS Brand Core: One World, One Family

TIENS Brand Core Value: Extraordinary Innovation、Paramount Responsibility、Excellent Teamwork

TIENS Brand Slogan: Harmony, Unity, Prosperity

Business Philosophy: Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind.

Enterprise Spirit: serving the country by striving for industrial strength, making arduous efforts in making progress, adhering to harmony and unity, and making positive contributions

Quality Guideline: Build individual health, Scientific and technology innovation, Continuous improvements, Win the hearts of consumers